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How does 1stEntertainment work?
1stEntertainment.com provides a simple and effective way for anyone in the entertainment industry, as well as those just starting or wanting to get started in the industry, a free or nominal cost of $2.99 per month option to be seen by the proper people and advance their career. Entertainers may post a Listing as well as entertainment agents / managers.

What type of membership must I have to participate?
No Memberships. 1stEntertainers.com is open to the public, whether to post a Listing or just view 100% of all Listings posted.

What are the real costs to post a Listing?
1stEntertainers.com offers free or a Deluxe Listing which has a Special Introductory cost of only $2.99 per month. There are no other fees or costs for those two types of Listings. Deluxe Listings are displayed above the Free Listings.

Is 1stEntertainers.com an agency?
NO. We are an information / marketing / advertising company that understands the difficulty an entertainer faces when trying to be seen by the right people worldwide. We do not want or receive any compensation from you posting a Listing and someone hiring you . . . that is all your money for your work! We take no commission or success fees.

How many Listings can I post?
At this time there is no limit to the number of Listings you can post throughout the cities / countries. However, we do hope people use our web site with common sense and do not excessively post to one category.

Is there a Newsletter or information updates available?
YES. We offer a free newsletter which will be filled with helpful hints on how to improve your entertainer careers and also introduce any changes or modifications within the web site. You may unsubscribe at any time. 

I am less than 21, can I still post a Listing?
Unfortunately due to legal reasons the minimum age for using this site is 21 years old. The reason for this is some sections of this web site does have adult content, text, and images. Entertainers come in all sizes, types, descriptions and fields of entertainment, therefore, to comply with worldwide laws, we have a minimum of 21 years of age. However, you can with your parents or legal guardian post a Listing for you as long as they are age 21 or more.

Am I too old / fat / thin?
No, absolutely not! There are opportunities for everyone regardless of shape, size, looks, age, nationality, and sex. The entertainment industry hires people from all walks of life for various occupations. Often you will see plain or non glamour type entertainers obtain excellent roles because the job requires normal or interesting looking people.

  How do I get started?
Click on the top of any page “Get Yourself Listed” and complete the very short registration form. You will be emailed instantly upon completion of the form the simple instructions on how to place a Listing. The entire process takes less than two minutes and unless you want a Deluxe Listing, you can post a regular Listing for FREE.

Can I change or modify my Listing once Posted?
YES. Within the confirmation email you are sent from registering, it contains instructions on how to login to your secure administration area. Upon entering this area you can change, modify, add, delete information on any Listing, paid or free.

I am an Adult Entertainer, can I post photos?
YES and NO. Yes, you are allowed to post photos on Deluxe Listings, six total and they can be a maximum of 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall, each. They must be under 25K in size and be either a jpg or gif. The reason we also said NO, is because we do not allow obscene material or child pornography as well as copyright infringements’ photos are not allowed to be posted.

How do I find out about jobs?
1stEntertainers.com will have two ways for you to be notified about jobs as well as having someone directly contact you from your Listing. First we do have a newsletter that will have information about upcoming entertainment jobs. Second, we have a section within this web site for agents, managers, producers, basically anyone who hires talent can post a Listing and you can respond to any Listing you feel fits your talents.

Can I unsubscribe to Email Newsletter?
YES, simply go to the following web page, fill in your information and click remove. It is fast, simple and easy to be removed from our newsletter free subscription. Unsubscribe from Newsletter 1stEntertainers.com

I have no experience, can I participate?
YES. In your Listing we suggest you explain your quality features as well as explain you are new to the entertainment industry and would like to get started. Everyone has to start somewhere sometime, so why not start today? Some castings require experience, however, for others it is more important to have the right look.

If I post a Listing will I definitely get work?
Unfortunately there is no guarantee of work in this industry and we cannot make any such claims. We do guarantee thousands of people daily use this web site and you will be seen by the right people . . . however we have no idea what they are exactly looking for on any given day or the price they are willing to pay. The only other item we can guarantee is if you do not get exposure and no one knows you even exist, it is impossible to be discovered.


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