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1stEntertainers.com allows our visitors to post thousands of listing per hour and they are published online almost instantly. We hope the person posting has read the Terms of Use (TOU) and other guidelines we have posted.

In case a person posts a listing to the wrong category, non appropriate posts, excessive posting, spam, or any other problem with the post we have developed a way for you to help us monitor the postings. 

By clicking on either of the four options we have posted at the top right of each Listing, you can contact us regarding the correctness and quality of any Listing.   This system may not be perfect, but it allows us with your help to remove incorrect postings in a timely manner and also reward those who post the best listings.

Please remember, every person has the right to freely express themselves, therefore, in the more adult type categories we have warned visitors of the possibility of adult text and/or adult photos posted.  If you are offended by adult material, rather than infringing on those persons rights to post, we suggest you do not view these areas within this web site. 


Posting Option Explanations:

Wrong Category:
Any posting that is obviously referring to another section within this web site, or an incorrect text describing a different posting.

Any posting that violates our Terms of Use (TOU) or any other guidelines we have posted within this web site.

Excessive Posting / Spam:
Any person has the right to post multiple listings per a category, however, that does not mean they can post an excessive or inappropriate amount. 

Best of the Postings:
Not all things are negative and 1stEntertainers.com would  like to reward the best listings. In your opinion you can nominate a listing if you feel it has the best content, photos, most humorous or stands out in quality above all the rest.


Please Note: 
1. Most problem postings are because of posting in the wrong category or violate our Terms of Use, (TOU). 
2. When a post receives enough negative responses it will automatically be removed.
3. You may only send one message per person per post.
4. Listings with socially offensive, vituperation against people will almost instantly generate complaints.
5. If you have been removed from the web site for any reason, check our Problem Listing Helpful Hints.
6. Persons posting which constantly receive complaints will be reviewed by our staff and possibly banned from usage of web site.
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