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1stEntertainers.com allows every person to freely express themselves and post listing within our web sites.  However, some people may not have read our Terms of Use (TOU) and other guidelines we have posted.

We are not saying that just because some people may have sent us messages suggesting your postings is incorrect in same way that you automatically are wrong. 

Often we have reviewed listing and determined it is acceptable.  In some cases we have suggested the correction of spelling errors, photo selection, or minor adjustments to your Listing.


1stEntertainers.com is in no way trying to be a "big brother" and monitor listings or be closed minded.  This is why we encourage the help of our readers to give us suggestions of Listings that may be posted in a wrong category, prohibited, or excessively posted.

If your Listing has been removed or you have been notified it is about to be removed for any of the reasons mentioned above, we would like to hear from you. 

Complete the form below and give us your opinion why the Listing should not be removed from this web site.  We will make every effort for a quick reply or a solution to solving this possible problem.  


Helpful Hints - Please Review Before Completing Form Below:
1. 1stEntertainers.com make sure you read our Terms of Use (TOU) and other guidelines we have posted on this web site.
2. Review your Listing to make sure there are no spelling errors or possible misinterpretations within your text.
3. Photo selection, is it appropriate for this web site and meets the Terms of Use (TOU).
4. Offensive or hateful text will cause many people to be upset, check to see if your text could be offensive in any way.
5. Make sure your Listing fit in the same category as the other Listings found within

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