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1stEntertainers.com offers a wide array of online resources, classified advertisements, display advertisements, forums, lists, newsletters and various other services, (referred to hereafter as “the Service”) subject to the following paragraphs of Terms of Use (“TOU”). Any person or company using the Service in any manner, you are agreeing to comply with all items within the TOU. Sections of 1stEntertainers.com will have different rules and guidelines which may change from time to time. If any rules, guideline or terms of condition within this web site you do not agree with at any time, your only recourse is to immediately stop use of 1stEntertainers.com. 1stEntertainers.com has the right to enforce any or all parts of the TOU at our sole discretion by any means available to us, including active investigation, litigation, prosecution and community moderation.


1stEntertainers.com reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to modify, add, delete, change, or otherwise alter these terms and conditions at any time. Any modifications will become effective immediately upon the posting thereof. We suggest you review this agreement regularly to keep yourself updated of any changes. For your convenience we will always have the most current version of TOU posted on this web site at:



1stEntertainers.com has created and posted a Privacy Policy which explains to all users of this web site how their information is collected and used. You may view the Privacy Policy at:


When visiting this web site or using any portion of this web site you acknowledge and agree to the 1stEntertainers.com Privacy Policy. Additionally, you agree that 1stEntertainers.com, in our sole discretion may preserve or disclose your personal information such as name, address, phone number, IP address, email address, content and other user information if required to do so by law or in any good faith belief such disclosure is reasonable or necessary to comply with any legal process or enforce the TOU. Our disclosure may also include any third party information you may have posted within this web site with or without their consent.


It is the sole responsibility of you, the person from whom any postings of text, messages, images, files, videos, sounds, photographs, email address, phone numbers, addresses, links or other materials (referred to hereafter at “Content”). You acknowledge that 1stEntertainers.com is not capable of pre screening, monitoring or approve and cannot control all Content posted to this web site. Therefore you may be exposed to Content that some may consider offensive, obscene, indecent, misleading, inaccurate, deceptive or otherwise some degree of objectionable. In addition to Content posted on this web site, links to other web sites cannot be controlled or monitored by 1stEntertainers.com and may also contain information, text, images or photographs that you may find objectionable. 1stEntertainers.com does not warrant, guarantee or authenticate any Content contained within this web site. Any linking to another site from 1stEntertainers.com is done so at your own risk. Visitors to 1stEntertainers.com agree they will evaluate all Content posted and will bear all risks associate with use of any Content. 1stEntertainers.com is in no way liable for any Content or for loss or damage of any kind that you may incur by using Content found in any sections of this web site. You acknowledge that 1stEntertainers.com has the sole discretion but not obligated to delete, remove, alter, modify or refuse any Content.


1stEntertainers.com may have Content that allows you to link or view products, services provided throughout the entire Internet. Any interactions, exchange of information, purchases, visiting of another web site, participation or any other activities with a third party from Content found within this web site is between you and the third party and you agree 1stEntertainers.com is in no way will be responsible or liable for any damage or loss or any type incurred as a result of any dealings. You acknowledge and agree that 1stEntertainers.com will not be a part of or obligated to become involved in any way with any interactions you may have with any third parties from Content on this web site. If you do have a dispute with any third party from Content of this web site, you will hold harmless 1stEntertainers.com, its owners, employees, advertisers for any claims, demands or actual damages, consequential damages and for any or all possible obligations whether know or not known.


You acknowledge and agree not to send any unsolicited email to any Content of 1stEntertainers.com and will not cause any servers of this web site to deliver unsolicited email. Violating these terms is a federal and state law violation plus possible violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Violators are subject to civil and criminal penalties.


1stEntertainers.com offers free and paid Listings in various sections of this web site. The fee is an access fee, thus permitting Content to be posted on 1stEnertainers.conm in certain sections. Persons or companies posting Content are responsible for following all rules of TOU and any violations of TOU can and may result in removal of Listing or any Content, including paid listings. If a listing is removed, you agree any fees paid will not be refunded in the event Content is deemed unsuitable, illegal or endangering of children within the sole discretion of 1stEntertainers.com.


You agree not to use a third party agent, posting service, posting agent or any other intermediary to post Content to the Service without express written permission from 1stEntertainers.com or a 1stEntertainers.com contract license for said purposes. Third party agents, posting services, posting agents or any other intermediaries agree not to post Content to the Service on behalf of others without express written permission from 1stEntertainers.com or a 1stEntertainers.com contract license for said purposes.


You acknowledge and agree 1stEntertainers.com grants a nonexclusive, limited, revocable license to access the Service for your personal use. You agree not to use any means to collect, copy, duplicate, display, harvest, data mining, spiders, extract data, reprint or derivative use of the Service without written permission from 1stEntertainers.com. You acknowledge and agree not to use third part agents, posting agents, posting agents or any other intermediary to access the Service on your behalf without written permission from 1stEntertainers.com. Linking from your web site to Service is permitted as long as it is a personal web site, no commercial or news reporting links are permitted. Any usage of Service beyond rights given in TOU is a violation and you must first have written permission from 1stEntertainers.com.


You acknowledge and agree that 1stEntertainers.com may at our sole discretion change, delete, modify without prior notification the maximum number of days Content is stored for Service, sizes of postings, limits on images, number of listings allowed, restrictions and limitations including modifications, updating, suspension or discontinuance on any or all portions of Service and/or Content.


You acknowledge and agree 1stEntertainers.com has the right in sole discretion to delete, block, deactivate, terminate your access to Service and/or Content without notice for any reason, including without limitation if 1stEntertainers.com feels you have violated any portion of the TOU. Upon termination of your account, you agree 1stEntertainers.com will not be liable to you or any third party for any reason. 1stEntertainers.com does not have to issue a warning or advise you prior to termination.


Realizing the vastness of the Internet, it is impossible for 1stEntertainers.com to monitor Content posted to insure copyright infringement or intellectual property rights have been violated. If your copyright or intellectual property has been violated by a third party please notify 1stEntertainers.com abuse department by completing an online form found at:


or you can mail your information to our offices at including items listed on the above web page to:

Abuse Department
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1stEntertainers.com will remove immediately any material in violation of copyright or intellectual property rights upon proof of rightful owners.




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